"Is your heart fluttering?"

"Yeah, I’m really happy."

Please Like Me 210

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Congratulations to everyone involved with Please Like Me with the nomination for an International Emmy for the show !!

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I know this is a dissenting opinion but I never really liked the josh/geoffrey relationship. Geoffrey was too clingy from the beginning and it felt like to me Josh was dating him because he was there and he was pretty. And Patrick felt like Geoffrey 2.0. Now Josh and Arnold that relationship to me has heart. Josh is trying with Arnold even if he is doing it badly. I think Josh as a character can grow more in his relationship with Arnold then he ever could have with Geoffrey.

I don’t think that’s much of a dissenting opinion, really. I know a lot of people liked Josh and Geoffrey together but most of that was because people really liked Geoffrey? Or that was my take-away from the fandom? I definitely don’t think they would have worked out long-term because it was a pretty superficial relationship from the beginning (at least on Josh’s part). But I still love that beautiful dummy. Patrick was very much the same, with Josh, but instead of being super interested in Josh ala Geoffrey, he wasn’t really interested at all.

I finally got the chance to sit down and watch the finale today and now I don’t know how to feel about Josh and Arnold? I like them together and you can tell that Josh is trying to change his ways~ a bit but I don’t see it working out. SEASON 3, COME SOON.

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"you’re only into me when you’re feeling needy and alone. […] and when i’m naked, so…"

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"the most beautiful gymnastics I’ve ever seen"

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Tom takes a sad bath.  —Please Like Me 208

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Please Like Me Season 2 - Deleted Scene

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